The sad story of the missing pedestrian crosswalk

A subset of the Galleria HOA contacted the appropriate department of the City of San Jose to request a crosswalk on River Oaks Parkway from Galleria (between Buildigs 410 and 414) to the Coyote River Trail access path.

The city sent someone out to check the situation and reported back.  We were told that we had enough foot traffic to qualify for a crosswalk but that people should be able to cross both directions of traffic and the traffic island within 19 seconds so, at this time, a cross walk is not going to happen.

We explained to the city that a family with a stroller, someone pushing a bicycle and the elderly (the author considers himself in the last category) might not be able to meet their approved time to cross.  We also explained that the traffic generally does not follow the posted speed limits.

We could reapply in a year’s time which will do.