Water Conservation at Galleria

July 17, 2015

Galleria is taking steps to bring us into water conservation compliance.

Increased landscape irrigation efficiency:

  • As required by both the State of California and City of San Jose regulations our outdoor watering has been restricted to two days per week.
  • Crystal Springs (Galleria’s landscaping company) has, over the last few months, surveyed, located leaks and breaks which were repaired and then tested our irrigation/sprinkler systems.
  • Sprinkler heads have been adjusted to prevent wasteful overspray or “watering the pavement”.
  • The Galleria HOA Board has been working with Community Management (CMS) to develop drought tolerant planting.   Some of our current landscaping is already drought tolerant.
  • Bid requests went out to finish the Galleria grounds mulching program.  The first phase of mulching occurred on the Fountains complex side (heading towards Research Place).  Our estimate came back too high so a second request for bids has been instituted.  The new mulch is not the chunky ground tree bark style.  It is much finer and looks like dirt.  Mulch helps retain moisture and helps to prevent erosion, if we ever get heavy rains again.

What can you do to help?

  • If you see leaks or misaligned sprinklers (spraying sidewalks or roadways) please contact Community Management Services at 408-559-1977
  • Some Galleria units have an outdoor water faucet.  These are not for public use.  The unit owner pays the bill for that tap water.